Southerner’s take their Sweetgrass Time

Sweetgrass Time is the Lowcountry’s only cheeky “cultural brand” of gifts and apparel celebrating the culture and charm of South Carolina’s Lowcountry…the Slowcountry; where we take our Sweetgrass Time. The Lowcountry is a geographical region along South Carolina’s coast once known for its slave-based agricultural wealth in rice and indigo that flourished in the hot subtropical climate.

“Take your sweetgrass time” is a catch phrase originated by owner/designer of Sweetgrass Time, Katie Konner. The catch phrase is a cheeky pun paying homage to the Lowcountry’s culture and pace of life. The lightbulb occurred when Konner was cut-off in traffic and as the offender slowed down, she uttered, “just take your Sweetgrass Time”. A cultural brand was born.

Katie Konner Sweetgrass Time Bio
Sweetgrass Time Booth Display

Ranging north from Myrtle Beach and south to Beaufort, the Lowcountry’s history and culture is symbolized by sweetgrass baskets. Using native sweetgrass and a technique passed down generationally for 300 years, these baskets are collector’s items and is considered the oldest African art form in the United States.

Boone Hall Plantation Charleston SC
Boone Hall Plantation Charleston SC
Boone Hall Plantation Charleston SC